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To provide quality service in the art of “Metal Restoration” and vehicle customization.


We specialize in a timely regulated atmosphere to refurbish ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This service is offered primarily to motorcycle dealers, motorcycle enthusiasts, automobile enthusiasts, interior/exterior decorators, and the homeowner. Examples of our services can be found on our site.

Refinishing metal is an art. Although we attempt to maintain a strict delivery schedule, it must be understood that some jobs take longer than others. (Our mission is extraordinary attention to detail). Our projected in-plant time for completion of refinishing processes is three weeks.

We maintain a significant repair facility; most parts after repair and refinishing are better than new. Allow us to determine when a part is no longer serviceable. Any repair, disassembly, or reassembly will be billed at the applicable labor rate. All parts should be degreased.

Please include Year/Make/Model on all orders.

Plastic: We are now able to chrome plate plastic and nylon motorcycle and automobile parts. Prices available upon request. Please allow 8 weeks for this extraordinary process.

Powder coating is normally done in gloss black. Any change from gloss black requires a setup charge of $100.00.

We have developed a method whereby we can laboratory match powder color to factory paint color. Please inquire.


All finishes are guaranteed for a period of 12 months. Our liability is limited to refinishing any part deemed not to have been abused. We will refinish, but will not be responsible for nuts, bolts, or any item of similar size.

Price list information is compiled on a daily basis. Our part number abbreviation system denotes part function, part location, part material, part finish (i.e. BRKCLPRFR=Brake Caliper Front / BRKCLPFRPW=Brake Caliper Front Powder / BRKCLPFRPO=Brake Caliper Front Polish). Since our price list has been developed primarily for the Harley-Davidson enthusiast, prices for motorcycles other than Harley Davidson are prefixed by HN=Honda, KW=Kawasaki, SZ=Suzuki, YM=Yamaha, TR=Triumph, CRV=Corvette, GMC=GMC Truck, OLD=Oldsmobile, and lest we not forget, RLSRYC=Rolls Royce. It is fair to assume that the price for a similar part will be similar.


If the part is followed by a date (i.e. BRKCLPFR=Brake Caliper Front 2PC-00/00/00). It indicates a price change as of that date. Acid Copper add 50%, all Inner Primary and any previously Chrome Plated Aluminum require Acid Copper. Black Chrome add 300%, Strip Only at 50%, Polish Only at 75%. Any description prefaced by an asterisk (*) usually requires Acid Copper.


A 50% deposit is required with all work. Balance to be collected C.O.D. by Certified Check or Cash only. Minimum order is $150.00. Orders returned unfinished are subject to a 10% charge for shipping and handling. Any order not picked up or delivery accepted after 30 days becomes the property of 21st Century Finishes Inc. Minimum charge is $15.00 unless otherwise indicated. Prices are subject to change without notice. Orders prepaid at time of invoicing is returned prepaid freight.  All items referred to as “Garage Sale” sales are final.


Keep a coat of wax on it; same as paint.


The aluminum core is softer than the finish applied, so an impact may cause an “eggshell” effect. Handle with care. Keep a coat of wax on it. Be sure to use flat washers under all fasteners.


Tires should be mounted by hand. All fasteners should have flat washers and lock washers.

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